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【官方授权平台】:Active equity funds are drastically adjusted

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内容摘要: Since last Tuesday, the A-shares plunged from 3418 points due to the plunge in the U.S. stock market. The minimum price hit 3100 points and...

Since last Tuesday, the A-shares plunged from 3418 points due to the plunge in the U.S. stock market. The minimum price hit 3100 points and closed at 3129.85 points on Friday. Short week, Shanghai Composite Index Decline 9.60%, Shenzhen Component Index decreased 8.46%, while the SME Index and the GEM Index declined more than 6% over the period. Underperformed base markets dragged down more than 90% of active equity fund returns negative, including the net "injury" the most fund, within just 4 days more than 16% decline.

The global stock market down the impact, as of February 9, active equity funds have been mostly negative returns this year. Last week, within four days from Tuesday to Friday, active equity funds lost an average of 6.07%, of which the fund with the deepest decline recorded a loss of as much as 16.94%.

since starting the year 2018, A shares have been issued at eleven with Yang's performance excited the market, real estate , Bank other sections, such as rainbow rally, driven by this, heavily loaded with more than just the relevant section of the fund performance is gratifying, just More than 15% revenue in more than a month, the highest even more than 20%, more than the majority of the fund last year's earnings. And since the market adjustment on Tuesday, as of February 9, 2822 active equity funds (different share separately), there are 2713 4 days negative returns, accounting for up to 96%; there are 396 Over the same period more than 10% decline, accounting for 14%. One Everbright advantage, the GF preferred resources, Puyin AXA exquisite life and other funds, over the same period the decline in more than 15%.

Reporters noted that while most of the funds were "seriously injured", there were also a few funds with low defensive positions because of their positions. Specifically, in the 2822 active equity funds, after four consecutive days of last week's crash, there are still 46 positive returns. The net increase of more than 1% of the two, namely, GF Xin A and A Feng Investment A Fengle, or 1.63% and 1.05% respectively. Since January 29 this round of adjustment, as of February 9, 54 funds still receive positive returns, net worth rose more than 1% of the seven.

Reporters read the fund positions and other circumstances found that most of the fund stock positions lighter, so escaped this round of plunge. For example, GF mixed Xinlong A, four quarterly shows that its equity investment accounted for only 5.24% of the total assets of the Fund, 71.34% positions in the fixed income assets on investment. Its stock positions mainly configured US group , Yili , Moutai seven stocks, these stocks before the three positions ratio of total net assets of the Fund was 2.05%, 1.61% and 1.58% respectively, while the rest 4 stocks positions in net assets ratio were below 0.02%; China Merchants Fengle A is a similar situation.

In addition to earlier positions to avoid looting, and some funds because of fund managers to lighten up ahead of schedule or portfolio management ability, the fund resilience is good, in the broader market decline, the net value of still uptrend. For example, Guotai Zeyi A, Lion and other Xin Yi.





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